The Hazelips

Story #7

Air Date: August 14, 2013

Thom and Michele Hazelip left a comfortable life in the suburbs and moved their family to a inner-city neighborhood. In 2004, they bought a condemned house a block from the projects and two blocks from the city’s most famous street for drug trafficking and prostitution.

At their new inner city home, Thom and Michele created the Front Porch Ministry. The Front Porch Ministry is a safe haven for the single mothers and children of the troubled neighborhood. Almost every day there’s a structured event at the Hazelip home, giving families in the neighborhood a glimmer of hope.

Michele has become a surrogate Mom to the neighborhood kids. Thom acts as a father figure for many of the boys who have absent fathers. Many of the children refer to Thom and Michele as “mama and daddy.”

With the $50,000 from “5-hour ENERGY® Helps Amazing People”, the Hazelips want to finish construction on their home and continue opening their home to others in need.



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