KelliAnn Mead

Story #13
Air Date: September 25, 2013

KelliAnn Mead is a devoted volunteer for Easter Seals New Hampshire. She’s the mother of Carter and Chase. Carter was born with a condition called Tretramelia, missing bones throughout his body resulting in anomalies on all four limbs. KelliAnn and her husband Michael had no idea anything was wrong with Carter until he was born. Doctors told them most children with his level of birth defects only live a couple of months. Carter is now seven and nothing slows him down.

During Carters first few months at home KelliAnn suffered from depression and Michael lost his job for missing too many days to be with his son at the hospital. That’s when Easter Seals New Hampshire stepped in. Sending a physical therapist to the Mead’s home to work with Carter.

In an effort to save future families with similar circumstances, KelliAnn volunteers up to 30 hours a week for the organization. Speaking at the Chamber of Commerce, leading a team at the annual ‘Walk With Me’ fundraisers that draw about 800 participants, and the Easter Seals poker runs and golf tournaments that bring in about 500 people.

In addition to $50,000, 5-hour ENERGY Helps gave the Mead’s, their family, and friends a VIP racing experience at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Easter Seals New Hampshire:



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