Theresa Strader-National Mill Dog Rescue

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Air Date: October 9, 2013

Theresa Strader and her team of volunteers with National Mill Dog Rescue drive every month from Colorado Springs to Kansas and Missouri to rescue thousands of dogs from puppy mills and breeders.

They’ve saved more than 8,000 dogs in six years. Thanks to their efforts most are adopted quickly into new homes, instead of being euthanized by the breeders.

Some of the dogs come to the rescue in great condition, others have health problems, signs of neglect and often missing teeth and even jaws from chewing on wire cages they have spent their entire lives in.

Theresa is so dedicated to National Mill Dog Rescue that even after her home was destroyed in the Black Forest Fire, she focused not on herself, but on helping others. The very next day she was in a van rescuing other dogs. She lived at the rescue in a RV and allowed other displaced volunteers to stay in RVs at the rescue as well.

It’s simply in Theresa’s nature to give back. She has fostered 49 medically fragile children over the years and adopted three of them. In addition to running National Mill Dog Rescue, she also works as a pediatric nurse.

5-hour ENERGY® Helps recognized Theresa with $50,000 to which she gratefully said, “Wow I thanked 5-hour ENERGY® many times on those long night drives across Kansas. This money will go a long way for us and for the dogs.”

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