Ditch The Couch Potato Excuses & Become A Marathoner

Ditch The Couch Potato Excuses & Become A Marathoner

The time of year has come again where New Year’s Resolutions are being made. Last year we wrote a Blog post about New Year’s resolutions that aren’t losing weight, and this year we’re continuing our focus on getting healthy, without focusing too much on the bathroom scale! There’s more to getting healthy than dropping weight! Sticking to an exercise plan isn’t always easy especially at this time of year when days are shorter and colder. But with 2014 just around the corner, the New Year is as good a time as any to drop the couch potato excuses, get motivated and get in the mindset of a marathoner!Couch Potato vs. Marathoner

Couch Potato’s Excuse: “It’s too cold!”
Marathoner’s Response: Sure, it’s cold out which makes it even harder to find the motivation to leave the comfort of home to go for a run or to the gym, but there are two solutions; bundle up before working out outdoors or create a workout routine you can do at home. Walking and jogging outdoors is an excellent exercise that doesn’t require a gym membership! If you choose to head outdoors to exercise, dress in layers so you can remove them as you start to sweat and put them on as you cool down.

Another option is to find a workout routine you can do indoors. It is important to map out your workout plan so you stick to it without any short cuts. Here is a list of 25 at home exercises where the only equipment you need is yourself.

Couch Potato’s Excuse: “I don’t have time!”
Marathoner’s Response: Whether you have school, a job or kids, remember that everybody is busy, but time management and not accepting excuses is the key to success. Whether you need to start your day earlier or break your workouts in to mini-workouts, it is up to you to make time in your day for exercise. If you struggle with finding time to exercise, specifically set time aside and write it down in your planner or try keeping a workout journal. We all have 24 hours in a day, it’s up to you to make the time to take care of yourself.

Couch Potato’s Excuse: “I’m too tired!”
Marathoner’s Response: The irony of this excuse is that without exercise, you have no energy! You may think you’re too tired to exercise, but once you push past that feeling you’ll realize how good you feel after working out. If you find yourself wanting to go home and relax after work, then try working out in the mornings instead. A half hour of jogging, walking, biking or yoga in the morning will help wake your body up and give you more energy during the day.

Couch Potato’s Excuse: “I don’t want to exercise by myself!”
Marathoner’s Response: You don’t have to exercise by yourself, grab a friend! Odds are that one of your friends, family members or co-workers is in the same boat as you and would enjoy a workout companion. There are numerous benefits of working out with a friend, including fewer skipped workouts, you can push each other to work harder, you can try new exercises together and your workouts will go faster. If you have a workout buddy that’s great, but if he or she can’t make it to a workout that doesn’t mean you should skip it, too!

In the wise words of Samuel Johnson, “Clear your mind of can’t.” Let the New Year be a fresh start for your fitness goals! When you change your mind set to that of a marathoner, you are able to ditch the excuses holding you back from accomplishing your goals!

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