Fuentes Family and Surfers for Autism

Story #21
Air Date: November 20, 2013

Alfie and his wife, Laura, have spent the past six years participating and volunteering with the non-profit Surfers for Autism after bringing their son Lucas, who is on the autism spectrum, to an event.

Surfers for Autism takes kids surfing or paddle boarding, unlocking their minds to new possibilities. Every two weeks, the non-profit puts on a fun filled weekend for kids with autism and their families. Alfie and Laura make those events memorable for kids and families by donating thousands of hours to the organization.

Alfie hauls a trailer to the event full of equipment for the weekend and gets up before the sun rises to set everything up. During the event, he’s in the water with the kids. Laura volunteers all week getting businesses to donate food so she can feed 800-1200 people all weekend.

Laura and Alfie pay their own way to get to 14 events a year, sometimes driving five or more hours one way. Alfie, who is a firefighter, trades shifts at work to get the time off. The family has cut back on everything else to afford to do this.

5-hour ENERGY helps surprised them with $50,000. Between tears Laura said, “this is going to help in so many ways. We can now pay for our son Lucas’ school and we can use this to get to every event.”

More information on Surfers For Autism can be found at: www.surfersforautism.org


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