The Martel Family

Story #19
Air Date: November 6, 2013

Randy and Jessica Martel of Enosburg Falls, Vermont fostered more than 20 children within the past 15 years, including Athena, whom they adopted three years ago. The teenager survived an abusive childhood and was raped at the age of six.

Both Athena and Randy suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Horses and dogs help Randy cope with the severe PTSD and a traumatic brain injury he sustained while serving 18-months in Iraq.

“I probably get two to four hours of sleep a day due to nightmares and joint pain that keep me up,” explained Randy.

Jessica found that volunteering helped her deal with the stress PTSD puts on a family, including almost losing their home. She volunteered as a law clerk and is working diligently on bringing a Veterans Court to her home state of Vermont for vets with service-related illnesses.

When 5-hour ENERGY® surprised the Martel’s with $50,000, thankful and tearful Jessica said, “this doesn’t happen to us, things like this don’t happen to us, they just don’t.”



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