10 Ways To Add DIY Holiday Cheer To Your Home

10 Ways To Add DIY Holiday Cheer To Your Home

The holiday season is here, and for many that means it’s time to decorate! Some people love decorating while others see it as time consuming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! With the help of a few household items and some creative flair, you can add some inexpensive holiday decorations to your home. Check out our list of 10 DIY holiday décor ideas.

  1. Deck Your Door: Wreaths are a festive decoration for any holiday or season. Instead of buying a wreath from the store, you can save money by making your own. Plus you can get crafty and personalize your wreath with your favorite holiday items.
  2. Waterless Snow Globes: Save your pickle jars, mayonnaise jars and any other empty glass jars to create your own snow globes, minus the water. Waterless snow globes offer endless opportunity for creativity, from creating your own winter wonderland to displaying your favorite holiday trinkets. Whether you make one snow globe to feature as a centerpiece or use different shapes and sizes of jars to make your own little village, this DIY item will become an instant favorite!
  3. Frame A Greeting: Have you ever received a greeting card that was too pretty, special or funny to throw away? Instead of tossing your favorite holiday card, stick it in a frame and proudly display it!
  4. Display Sweet Treats: Candy canes, gum drops, decorated cookies and other holiday sweets are not only delicious, but they’re also appealing to the eye, so why not display them? By placing treats into glass jars or clear canisters, you can create  decorations out of things you may have already had in your kitchen!
  5. Bring Frosty Inside: With the help of some construction paper, scissors and tape, you can turn a door or refrigerator into a snowman. Don’t worry, your snowman won’t melt! This is a quick and easy decoration that will make a statement. See an example here.
  6. Simple Scented Candles: If you love the smell of cinnamon, this decoration is a must. Simply put a candle in a vase, surround it with cinnamon sticks and light. Voila, your home will instantly be filled with one of the staple scents of the holiday season!
  7. Glittery Pinecones: Do you have pinecones falling into your yard? If so, you can use them for this DIY project! Collect a few pine cones, drizzle some glue on them and then sprinkle some glitter on top. Once your pine cones are decked in glitter, you can display them in a vaseor  use them to create a string of garland.
  8. Upside Down Candle Holders: Add some pop to your decorations with the help of a few different sized wine glasses and candles. All this simple decoration requires is for you to turn the wine glasses upside down, place the candle on the base and light. For a bit of extra flair, add an ornament or other holiday trinket underneath the glass. These upside down candles are great when grouped together for a centerpiece or displayed in a row on a fireplace mantle.
  9. Wrapped Gifts: Is there a corner in your living room or a space on your steps that you can’t decide how to decorate? Try filling those spaces with a few faux wrapped gifts. A variety of sized boxes will turn those tricky areas from stale to festive.
  10. Simple Snowflakes: Can you remember the last time you made paper snowflakes? Well, it might be time to make them again! Stringing clear thread or fishing line through your snowflakes and hanging them from a doorway is a great way to get your home ready for the holidays. Find step by step instructions on making paper snowflakes here.
Will you try out any of these DIY holiday décor ideas this season? If we missed one of your favorite do it yourself decorations, share it below in a comment or on our Facebook page or Twitter!

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