Ana Perez

Story #24
Air Date: December 18, 2013

28-year-old Ana Perez collects and delivers donations for the homeless in San Bernardino, California. The homeless call her their “Green Eyed Angel” and look forward to seeing her.

Saturday mornings she gets started at 6 a.m. making burritos in her kitchen with her friend Christine Vasquez. Ana has done this weekly for the past 5 years. Ana moved to the bankrupt city of San Bernardino to be closer to the homeless community she helps.

She drives about 45 minutes to borrow her mom’s truck each weekend, loads it up with donations, and hands out items like clothes, food and toiletries to dozens of homeless men and women at different stops throughout San Bernardino. Each person she helps tells Ana how thankful they are. Ana does this all on a shoe-string budget saving $20 whenever she can and sacrificing her own personal needs.

Ana’s dream is to get a hitch for her mom’s truck and provide the homeless with a portable shower since they are always telling her they really want a shower.

5-hour ENERGY surprised Ana with a check for $50,000. She immediately started crying. It will help her get a truck so she can continue her mission to help the homeless and bring her one step closer to her dream of providing them with a portable shower.

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