Kids’ Food Basket

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Air Date: December 11, 2013

Kids’ Food Basket founder, Mary K. Hoodhood created the non-profit in 2001 when a Grand Rapids Public School Principal told Mary K. about how she saw a student digging in a dumpster after school looking for food to take home. Mary K., who was already a long-time Meals on Wheels volunteer, wanted to help ensure Michigan students were getting adequate nutrition after school.

Mary K. started making these “sack suppers” in the basement of a church for 125 kids at 3 schools. Since then the organization has grown tremendously, now serving 6,000 children at 32 sites in Grand Rapids and Muskegon. Every school day more than 175 community members volunteer to pack and deliver the sack suppers.

When Mary K. was 27 years old she was in a car accident that left her paralyzed. Despite the challenges of being a paraplegic, Mary K. refuses to let anything get in her way of fighting childhood hunger.

Each “sack supper” costs $1, so the generous $50,000 donation from 5-hour ENERGY® will be able to fund 50,000 sack suppers. There are 17 schools in Kent County on the Kids’ Food Basket waiting list and Mary K. tells us the money will also help sponsor a new school into the program.

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