Quick Tips to Manage Your Holiday Stress

Quick Tips to Manage Your Holiday Stress

The holiday season is upon us. While this time of year is meant to be spent enjoying time with friends and family, the days leading up to the holidays are often filled with stress. These tips can help your holidays go from stress-filled to merry and bright!

Happy Holidays from 5-hour ENERGYDon’t Over-schedule Yourself
Adding holiday preparations on top of your already existing schedule can be a recipe for disaster, but not if you avoid over-scheduling yourself. While your intentions may be good, taking on too many tasks can cause your holiday cheer to go out the window. To keep your holidays happy, learn to delegate or flat out say no. And remember, a 5-hour ENERGY® shot can help keep you going during the busiest time of the year!

Keep Your Expectations Realistic
Just like in other aspects of life, it is important to remember that not everything will be perfect. It is natural to feel like the more you plan, the better things will work out. However, when dealing with other family members and friends, remember that there are some things that are out of your control. So keep your holiday expectations realistic.

The Holidays Aren’t About Gifts
Often people lose sight of what the holiday season is about; being with loved ones. Instead of spending endless time and money on the perfect gift for your family members and friends, put a spending limit on gifts. Or if you have a larger group of people, suggest drawing names out of a hat so each person only buys a gift for one person.

Don’t Turn To Food
When people are stressed, it’s common to turn to eating. Whether you enjoy sweet treats or salty snacks, stress often leads people to seek unhealthy comfort foods. Eating a lot of junk food can make you feel tired, stressed or cranky. With stress levels already higher than normal during the holidays, you should try to avoid a diet that can increase your levels of stress and fatigue.

Don’t let stress keep you from enjoying the holidays. If you start to feel overwhelmed, keep these tips in mind and remember that in the end the season is meant for spending time with the people closest to you. Happy Holidays from the 5-hour ENERGY® team!

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