The 5-hour ENERGY® Racing Scavenger Hunt Comes to A Close

The 5-hour ENERGY® Racing Scavenger Hunt Comes to A Close

The conclusion of the 2013 NASCAR racing season had also marked the end of the 5-hour ENERGY Racing Scavenger Hunt Contest, which ran from February through November 18, 2013. While many racing fans were bummed that the season was over, we were able to brighten the day of some of our fans by letting them know they were winners of our Racing Scavenger Hunt Contest!
To recap, the 5-hour ENERGY® Racing Scavenger Hunt contest invited racing fans to search for 15 5-hour ENERGY® codes scattered across our website, Blog and Social channels, as well the Michael Waltrip Racing and Clint Bowyer websites. To shake things up a bit this year, we added a twist to the contest! We challenged participants to find and keep track of one bonus letter that was hidden each of the nine months that the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Season ran. After finding all nine letters, fans found that they spelled out a secret message which could be submitted for 10 additional entries into the giveaway.  As a bonus for completing this additional challenge, the first 50 people to submit the secret message received a free two pack of 5-hour ENERGY® shots!
This year’s grand prize winner of the Racing Scavenger Hunt Contest was Sherry S. from Alabama. As our grand prize winner, Sherry will receive a one year supply of 5-hour ENERGY® shots! Here’s what Sherry had to say about the contest and being the grand prize winner in a quick interview:
Q: How did you hear about the Racing Scavenger Hunt Contest?
A: My younger sister told me about the contest. She is an even bigger Clint Bowyer fan than I am!
Q: How long have you been a 5-hour ENERGY® fan?
A: I would say at least two years. My favorite flavor is Pomegranate!
Q: When is your favorite time of day to enjoy a 5-hour ENERGY® shot?
A: Definitely that 2:30 feeling®. I don’t even have to look at a watch, I just know! Then when I do check the time, sure enough! It’s usually between 2:30 and 3:00.
Q: How do you plan to use your year’s supply of 5-hour ENERGY® shots?
A: I plan on sharing a little, but for the most part it’s for me!
We want to congratulate Sherry and our bonus code winners again, and thank everyone who participated in the Racing Scavenger Hunt Contest! Stay tuned to our Facebookand Twitter for upcoming contests, giveaways and more.

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