Lorraine Tallman and Comfy Cozy’s

Story #27
Air Date: January 15, 2014

At the age of nine, Lorraine Tallman’s daughter Amanda spent two and a half years undergoing chemotherapy and fighting leukemia. Friends and family celebrated her end of chemotherapy, but three months later the cancer came back in 80% of her body and as a mass in her brain.

Amanda passed away in March 2012 at the age of 12. Shortly after, Lorraine started Comfy Cozy’s for Chemo. Before dying, Amanda asked her mom to help other kids going through chemotherapy keep their dignity intact. Amanda hated having to take her shirt off in the chemo room with other kids and families around.

A Comfy Cozy allows kids undergoing chemotherapy to keep their shirt on, it has buttons, zippers and openings. The tie-dyed shirts each cost $25 and are made by a nonprofit in India that employs women who are victims of domestic violence.

In a little more than a year Lorraine has given away more than 2,000 Comfy Cozys and makes sure no family ever has to pay for one.

After 5-hour ENERGY surprised Lorraine with a check for $50,000 she tearfully said, “this will help a lot of kids,” and donated the $50,000 check right back to Comfy Cozy’s for Chemotheraphy.

For more information visit www.comfycozys.com

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