Turn The Olympics Into A Personal Fitness Challenge

Turn The Olympics Into A Personal Fitness Challenge

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are in full swing! We love watching amazing athletes from all over the world give it their all in the events they have been training in for years. The motivation, level of commitment and focus of Olympians is inspiring, which is why we thought it would be fun to give some tips on how you can turn the Olympics into your own personal fitness challenge!

Olympics Personal Fitness Challenge1. Commit – Olympic athletes train for hours per day, so make it your goal to get in 30 minutes of physical activity every day. A 2013 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that only 20 percent of American adults get the recommended amount of weekly exercise. Remember, a half hour workout is only two percent of your day!

2. Coach – Great athletes have good coaches who help them stick to their workout routine, keep them motivated and push them to be their best. Many gyms have personal trainers, but if a trainer isn’t the best option for you, try finding a workout buddy. Having someone to exercise with increases your chances of sticking to your fitness plan and you can be each others coach and motivator.

3. Warm Up – Injury is something many Olympians are familiar with, but they know one of the best ways to prevent injuries is by properly warming up before workouts. Warm ups should last 10-20 minutes and should consist of activities that stretch out your muscles and get your blood flowing. Some common warm ups include lightly jogging, jumping rope and lunges.

4. Switch It Up – Even though Olympic athletes compete in a specific event, they train in a variety of ways. For example speed skaters compete on ice, but many of their workouts are off-ice, such as weight training or running. Don’t let your workouts get to be routine because working the same muscles not only increases your chance of injury, but you may bored and lose your motivation to exercise.

5. Hydrate – Hours of training takes a toll on Olympic athletes’ bodies, so they know it’s crucial to stay hydrated. According to the University of Michigan, 60 percent of your total body weight is water and 75 percent of your muscles are water. Dehydration can negatively impact your health in many ways, including heat exhaustion, heat stroke and muscle cramping. Be sure to drink plenty of water before you work out as well as during and after your work out to replace the water you lose when you sweat.

6. Rest – Olympic athletes know how important getting enough sleep is because they need to rest up for another hard day of training. Many of us don’t get enough sleep, but a minimum of eight hours of sleep is recommended for adults. Make sure your room is dark, and if you’re having troubles sleeping try reading before bed.

Like being an Olympian, it takes serious commitment to stick to your workout plan. How do you stay on track to reach your fitness goals? Share with us in a comment, on our Facebook page, Google+ page or Tweet us!

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