5 Tips for Finding Your Focus

Find Your Focus

5 Tips for Finding Your Focus

Don’t you hate those moments where you’re drawing a blank when you need to get work done? How about when you’re running late when you were supposed to be at work 20 minutes ago? Isn’t it the worst when you have a big exam tomorrow and you can’t get your brain into gear? Many of these dilemmas can be tied to a lack of focus, so here are a few quick tips for finding your focus.

Write it Down
Have you ever thought of something you need to do or had a great idea, but when you try and remember it later you can’t? Keep all of your thoughts, reminders and to-dos organized by jotting them down or putting them as notes in your phone. This seems simple but when you have everything that you need to in front of you, it’ll be easier to stay focused.

Take a 5 Minute Break
When you’ve hit a rut, one of the best things you can do is take a break. Leave whatever you’re doing, get up and take a five minute break. Walking around, stretching or stepping outside are simple but effective ways to clear your mind so you can regain your focus.

Find/Create the Ideal Environment
Whether you’re at work or at school, it can be difficult get down to business when you’re in a noisy environment. On the flip side, some people find it equally as distracting to work in a quiet space. Whatever type of environment you prefer, it’s important for you to find or create it so you can focus.

Eliminate Distractions
When you’re trying to accomplish a project, even the smallest thing can act as a huge distraction. Cell phones, email, Social Media, music and the TV can all be distracting, so when you need to hammer down and focus, start by cutting out any possible distractors.

Motivate Yourself
Self-motivation is a powerful tool. It might sound silly, but asking yourself, “Ok, what do I need to do next?” can help keep you stay on track. Then as you’re working on projects, tell yourself to stick with it! For additional ways to stay motivated, check out our Blog post on ways you can make the most of motivational quotes.

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