Benefits of Planning & Preparing Meals in Advance

Benefits of Planning & Preparing Meals in Advance

With today’s busy lifestyles, eating at home can be a challenge. Longer work days, long commutes and increasingly busy after school schedules mean that cooking a healthy meal is often one of the first things we neglect due to lack of time. Here are just a few of our helpful tricks to planning and preparing meals in advance.

Meal Preparation TipsOne Stop Shop
Planning your meals for the week means only one trip to the grocery store. Lack of planning usually means having to run to the store to pick up ingredients throughout the week which costs time and money. Instead, choose your meals, write down what ingredients you’ll need and say goodbye to multiple trips to the store.

Save Money
When you’re planning your meals, check what types of sales your local grocery store is offering. Take advantage of weekly deals and coupons by cooking meals based on food that is on sale. If there are really good sales, you may want to stock up now to save money later.

Ditch The Unhealthy Food
When you have a jam packed schedule, the types of food you eat may be the least of your worries. A few trips to the fast food drive through may seem harmless, but eating junk food doesn’t do you any good. Fatty fast foods lack the nutrients needed to give you fuel to keep up with your busy schedule. Preparing your meals at the beginning of the week allows you to eat a healthy, home cooked meal even when you’re on a tight time schedule.

Plan Based On Your Week
Do you know your week ahead is going to be busy? If so, this alone is enough reason to prepare your meals for the week ahead of time. Whether you have meetings, late nights at work or finals to study for, cooking meals at the beginning of the week based on your schedule will ensure you have enough time to eat a healthy meal.

Know What You Eat
One of the dangers of fast food or frequently eating out is that you don’t always know what you’re eating. You might think what you ordered is nutritious, but it could be packed full of fat, calories and sugar. One of the best parts about preparing your own meals is that you know exactly what you’re eating so you can stick to a healthy routine.

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