Hannah Hawkins

Story #34
Air Date: March 25, 2014

Hannah Hawkins, founder of Children of Mine Youth Center, Inc., serves children of all ages in and around Washington D.C. The Center provides kids with food, clothing, tutoring, and counseling.

In the ’70s, Hannah’s husband was murdered on the streets of D.C. As a widow with five children of her own, Hannah decided to dedicate her life to making a positive change in her community.

Children of Mine Youth Center is entirely run by volunteers, and alumni have gone on to successful careers like law enforcement, engineering, and politics.

Hannah plans to use the $50,000 from 5-hour ENERGY Helps to expand her clothing outreach, which provides clothing to kids in need who live far from the Center. She also plans to upgrade and expand the facility, eventually refurbishing surrounding abandoned buildings.

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