Stay Fit While Traveling

Stay Fit While Traveling

Are you on the road a lot? Or maybe you have an upcoming vacation? Either way, your health is something that is often overlooked while traveling. The combination of lounging poolside and indulging in calorie-packed meals can be dangerous. So the next time you’re heading out of town, keep these tips in mind to stay fit and active when you’re traveling.

Explore the City You’re In
Going to a new place is exciting, so take the time to go see the local attractions and get some daily activity in. Take a jog around town, rent a bike or walk instead of drive. Exploring the city you’re in has numerous benefits, ranging from health perks and entertainment to making memories and cultural gains.

Healthy Menu
Eating healthy is a big challenge when you’re traveling since you end up eating out for most meals. Choose your meals wisely when you’re eating out; opt for lighter meals instead of fatty, greasy options. Another thing to be aware of when you’re on the road is your snacking habits. Skip vending machine snacks and make a trip to the grocery store for healthier food options like fruit and veggies.

Use Your Amenities
Many hotels have gyms or fitness centers that are free for guests to use. If sticking to your exercise plan while you’re traveling is important, look for this amenity when you’re searching for a hotel to book. A swimming pool is another amenity that many hotels offer, so start or end your day by going for a dip!

Pack a Workout DVD
Do you have a series of DVDs you use to work out? Bring them with you on your next trip! Many hotel rooms have DVD players and plenty of space for you to exercise. Besides being in a different environment, the best part about bringing your DVDs with you is that it allows you to stick to the fitness routine you’re used to!

Take the Stairs
No matter where you travel there are bound to be stairs, so this is an activity you can do almost anywhere you go. Did you have a long day of sitting in meetings? Stretch out your legs and take the stairs. Did you spend a lazy day lounging by the beach? Sneak in a little physical activity by taking the stairs back to your hotel room. It’s as easy at that!

If you stick to an exercise routine and healthy eating plan while you’re at home, that’s great! Don’t blow all of your hard work by skipping your workouts and cheating with unhealthy meals! What are your tips for staying healthy during your travels? Share with us in a comment below, on our Facebook page, Google+ page or Tweet us.

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