4 Dorm Room Hacks that will Save You Space

Dorm Room Hacks that will Save You Space

4 Dorm Room Hacks that will Save You Space

With 4 in 10 full-time college students living on-campus at public universities, there are a lot of students sharing small spaces. When real estate is tight, it can be hard to accommodate two or more peoples’ belongings in a tiny room. If you are a university student looking for innovative ways to organize your things and make more room in your dorm, take a look at these space saving hacks from 5-hour ENERGY®!

Use a Shoe Organizer for Food Storage

Typically having no on-suite kitchen, dorm rooms limit food choices to pantry items like chips, crackers, and granola bars. With these products coming in packs with multiple pieces, the cardboard boxes can begin to stack up and take up valuable space. Try using an over-the-door shoe organizer to store snack items. The sleek profile of this organizational tool is discrete and allows for ample storage of food and other similar items, putting them out of sight.

Organize Electronic Cords with Binder Clips

Who knew an office supply essential would make a great dorm room organizational tool!? Keeping a clean floor gives the illusion of more space. You can achieve this by wrangling in loose cords by attaching an appropriately sized binder clip to the edge of a night stand or desk, and running the electronic plug-in through the metal handle. This hack keeps cords in place and prevents them from getting tangled, giving your dorm room a neat and tidy look.

Save Closet Space with Shower Curtain Rings

Scarves, belts, and tank tops can take up lots of closet space if you don’t have a system in place for organizing them. This simple and inexpensive hack will keep your items organized and compact inside your closet. Take any type of shower curtain rings and place them on an empty hanger. Thread tank tops, scarves, and belts through the rings and place the hanger back on the closet rod.

Hang Your Hamper

Dirty clothes take up lots of extra space, especially if you have your laundry basket sitting on the floor. Use adhesive hooks to hang your hamper inside of your closet. The closet door or a small area of wall space within it will keep you from taking up valuable real estate elsewhere. The adhesive hook will ensure that your hamper can hold quite a bit of dirty clothing before laundry day!

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