How to Create a Family-Friendly Living Room

How to Create a Family-Friendly Living Room

How to Create a Family-Friendly Living Room

The family room is one of the epicenters of a household. Filled with comfy furniture, plush pillows, and plenty of toys, this space is a place to gather. Whether you are moving into a new home or looking for inspiration for an existing space, 5-hour ENERGY® wants to share tips with you on how to create a family-friendly living room!

Start with the Couch

Typically the largest piece of furniture in the room, a good, comfy couch should be your number one priority. Once you select your sofa, it will be much easier to build the other components of a family-friendly living room around it. Whether you have lots of kids or a family of three, choose a style that best fits your household’s needs. Some of 5-hour ENERGY®’s top tips for choosing a couch include:

  • Look for a style that has exposed legs, making routine floor cleaning a breeze.
  • Choose a dark color or purchase a machine washable sofa cover to protect your investment.
  • If selecting leather, make sure to purchase a cleaning kit to keep your furniture looking new and fresh.

Use an Outdoor Furniture Piece as Your Coffee Table

If you already don’t have a designated arts & crafts area, such as a playroom, opting to have your kids set-up their supplies on the living room coffee table is a great place. Coffee tables are low to the ground, making it easy for them to sit around and create their masterpieces. If you’re worried about the table getting marked up with glue, markers, glitter and other craft supplies, try swapping out a traditional indoor piece for an outdoor table! This clever switch is not only just as fashionable, but it also adds an important element; indestruction.

Choose Washable Rugs

Help better protect your hardwood flooring or expensive tiling by laying down a rug to catch spills and messes. Not only will this help soften the floor for kids to sit or lay on, but it will add style and function as well. When searching for a rug, opt for a durable piece that is stain resistant and low-pile, such as a jute or wool-blend carpet!

Protect Your Walls

When children are beginning to learn how to walk is about the time you should start thinking about better protecting your walls from messy little hands or becoming works of art. Here are some of our favorite ideas to help combat marks and mess:

  • Select a darker, high-gloss paint color for the entire space, hiding wear and tear from little ones and making it easier to clean.
  • Create a chalkboard wall for your children to draw on and practice their writing skills, adding some personality to your living room.
  • Use wall decals to hide existing unwanted marks, stains, or dents.

Use Stylish and Smart Storage to Hide Toys

With many family-friendly living rooms doubling as the children’s playroom, finding a functional yet stylish storage solution can be difficult. Cloth bins add flair and function to any space, providing an easy way to organize and hide toys when company is over. Added bonuses to this smart and chic solution are the easy to clean fabric and wide-variety of dimensions, fitting any living room.

Discover more family-friendly lifestyle ideas, by visiting 5-hour ENERGY®’s blog. If you are trying any of our living room tips & tricks, we would love to see your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Our 5-hour ENERGY® shots are a great way to add an extra boost to your day after a long night or early morning with kids!

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