Tips for Staying Healthy and Energetic During a Move

Tips for Staying Healthy and Energetic During a Move

Tips for Staying Healthy and Energetic During a Move

Don’t let the stress and hassle of moving to a new space cause you to feel wiped out or under the weather. If you know that you will be moving down-the-road, preparation is the key to keeping yourself healthy and energetic! Take a look at these tips from 5-hour ENERGY® to help you keep up with the fast-pace of moving from one house to the next.

Pack Ahead of Time

Typically speaking, preparing for a move can happen months to weeks in advance of the actual day. Use this advanced notice, if available, to pack ahead of time. Organization is essential to your mental wellbeing during this stressful period. Utilizing moving hacks, like using trash bags to transport hanging clothes, will help you cut down on time and effort while packing.

Move During Your Energetic Hours

Avoid the sluggish feeling that those early hours or late nights bring by choosing to move during your most energetic periods. Whether you’re an early-bird or a night owl, schedule your packing and un-packing around the hours that you feel the most alert, using the downtime to rest and relax. Additionally, plan to do moving tasks in 90 minute intervals at a time. According to a study from Florida State University, productivity and performance are at their peak during uninterrupted 90-minute intervals.

Eat Your Normal Diet

Keeping with your normal diet is really important to staying healthy, especially when going through a transition, like a move. WebMD shares that changing your diet to something out of the norm hurts your immune system, causing you to be more prone to getting sick. Although there is no one food that’s linked to staying healthier than normal, you can use some of these tricks to keep your health in good condition during your moving process.

  • Build your plate around vegetables that are full of nutrients, like antioxidants, which help build up your immune system.
  • Incorporate probiotics into your diet. This form of “good” bacteria is beneficial to immune systems that are under stress.
  • Drink green tea which is loaded with immune boosting regulatory T cells.

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