Spring into Fitness with Energy and Protein!

5-hour ENERGY Protein

Spring into Fitness with Energy and Protein!

The year started out so strong!  You resolved to make healthier choices, get yourself back to the gym, and drop a few pounds.  And you did it for eight whole days before retreating back to the couch for some binge watching and potato chip noshing.   The good news is that the damage is reversible, and your fitness goals are still attainable.  You have several weeks before the start of Spring, and if you follow these tips, you’ll be fit and healthy just in time for the warmer weather.

  • Don’t have the energy to leave the couch? Winter is tough.  It’s cold and dark, and your couch is warm and comfy.  Here’s where 5-hour ENERGY comes in—it’s the extra boost you need to get you moving when all of the elements are working against you.  Get off the couch, take your 5-hour ENERGY (there’s even a 5-hour ENERGY Protein that’s a perfect addition to your pre-workout routine), and get moving.
    5-hour ENERGY Protein for fitness

    Did you know we have 5-hour ENERGY with Protein? Fitness fanatics rejoice!

  • Not ready to give up your favorite TV series? You don’t have to.  Download the streaming app of your choice onto your smart phone or tablet, and watch as much as you want.  Just make sure you’re moving at the same time.  You can burn from 200-500 calories on an elliptical or treadmill per show!
  • Can’t give up the chips? You can still enjoy them, but moderation is key.  Read the label, count out the proper serving size, and treat yourself every once in a while.  Most potato chips are about 150-160 calories per serving, which isn’t too bad if you stick with one serving.  Plus, you’re burning off much more than that anyway!

So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and start moving!  You’ll thank us in the Spring.

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