Avoid Basketball Tournament Productivity Pitfalls

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Avoid Basketball Tournament Productivity Pitfalls

College basketball tournament season is here, and whether you’re a sports wiz or hoops novice, it’s difficult to not get caught up in the excitement.  In addition to 11 million people watching the games on TV, about 80 million more live stream the tournament.

While there’s plenty of fun to be had, it’s been widely reported that workplace productivity is at an all-time low during the tournament, resulting in employers losing up to $1.9 billion every year.  To break down the time commitment, there are 67 games in the tournament.  If you were to watch them all, it would take nearly six straight days.  Even with the tournament spanning two weeks, that’s still about 130 hours of basketball, with many games running very late into the night.

Below are some tips for how to avoid productivity pitfalls:

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  • Avoid the temptation of streaming the games at your desk during work hours. Instead, make sure to take a lunch break and dedicate that time to catching up on the scores and checking brackets.
  • Energy shots like 5-hour ENERGY can help you avoid the college basketball daze and keep you alert and productive during the tournament. It’s quick and simple, works in minutes, contains zero sugar and four calories, and is packed with b-vitamins.
  • Record those late night buzzer beaters and watch the highlights first thing in the morning while getting ready for work.
  • If there’s no way to watch your favorite team without interrupting work tasks, set the DVR, avoid social media, and watch the game as soon as you get home.

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