HELP! It’s the Monday After Daylight Saving Time

HELP! It’s the Monday After Daylight Saving Time

So here we are.  It’s the Monday after Daylight Saving Time.  That hour of lost sleep weighs heavily on your mind . . . and your eyelids.  You want to perk up to enjoy all that spring has to offer, but perking up requires energy that you just don’t have.  So instead you daydream about your bed, longing for that cool pillow and fluffy comforter.  Ah . . . what you wouldn’t give to get that hour back.

WAKE UP, FRIEND!  There’s a long day ahead and you can’t waste it with your silly, sleepy thoughts.  There’s work to be done, and 5-hour ENERGY has your back.  Here are some tips on how to get through the day by leaving your snoozing fantasies behind:

  • Get outside. Stop mourning that lost hour, and breathe in some fresh air, even if only for a few minutes.
  • Make plans. Remember, spring is on the way.  Give your buddies a call and finally get that softball team off the ground.
  • Fix tired fast. Stop the 2:30 feeling it its tracks with a strategically timed 5-hour ENERGY after lunch.  Don’t forget to share the love by offering one to a tired friend.  After all, we’re all in this together.
  • Find a puppy. Scratch its belly.  This has nothing to do with being tired, but it will make you happy for sure because puppy that’s why.

Before you know it, the day will be done and you’ll give yourself a hearty pat on the back for not only surviving, but being awesome along the way.  High fives all around!  You deserve it.

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