How Will 5-hour ENERGY® Make You Feel?

How Will 5-hour ENERGY® Make You Feel?

Your day started with a grueling commute to work. Next came an exhausting stream of demands and deadlines. Now it’s 2:30 in the afternoon. Your battery is running low, and there’s no way you’re going home on time. How do you get back to 100 percent and finish the day strong?  It’s time for 5-hour ENERGY®.

“But wait,” you say. “I’ve never tried 5-hour ENERGY®. How will it make me feel?” The answer is simple. 5-hour ENERGY® can help you feel alert and energized. And alert and energized is a great way to feel.

Alert means mentally responsive and perceptive; quick. Energized means exhilarated and invigorated. Think about how you want to feel. If your answer is sluggish and lethargic, hey, it’s a free country. But, if you need to feel alert and energized, then it’s time to consider 5-hour ENERGY®.

The way 5-hour ENERGY® helps you feel alert and energized is also simple. It contains a proven blend of vitamins, nutrients and caffeine. In fact, its key ingredients can also be found in everyday foods. The amount of caffeine it contains is comparable to a cup of the leading premium coffee. It’s also sugar-free.

5-hour ENERGY® is pretty amazing stuff. It can help you feel alert and energized. Its ingredients are simple and easy to understand. Not only that, but hard working people like you purchase about a million bottles of 5-hour ENERGY® every day.

Still not convinced? Here’s a great way to find out how 5-hour ENERGY® will make you feel ­­– try half a bottle. Maybe a half is right for you. Maybe you’ll want more. But no matter what, you could be on your way to getting back to 100 percent.

Imagine powering through the rest of your work day, and still feeling alert and energized enough to enjoy time with family or friends. With the help of 5-hour ENERGY® it’s possible. That’s why it’s America’s best-selling energy shot.

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