Share the love: Why 5-hour Energy® shots are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift

Share the love: Why 5-hour Energy® shots are the perfect Valentine's Day gift

Share the love: Why 5-hour Energy® shots are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift

Has Cupid brought luck to your life this year?

If you’re searching for a unique and practical Valentine’s Day gift, look no further than 5-hour ENERGY®.  With over a dozen mouth-watering flavors and regular and extra strength to choose from, gifting your beau with an energy shot can be a creative and exciting way to show how much you care for them.

Are you brainstorming up a way to sweep your special someone off their feet this February 14th? Look no further—we’ve compiled some of our favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas. With 5-hour ENERGY® shots, your big romantic day certainly won’t be boring!

Hard work deserves a reward

Not everybody works a 9-5 job. Whether they spend their nights donning scrubs in a ward, driving a taxi, operating a forklift or baking croissants, many people go to work during typical “dating hours.”  Of course, for couples, this can cause all types of problems, especially when opposite shift schedules are involved. Don’t let your job drive a wedge between you two! If irregular or opposing working hours are causing your relationship to fizzle, there’s hope for you yet.

Do you work nights and often return to a sleeping partner? Does your post-shift routine usually comprise of a bleary shower and collapsing into bed?  If you have to work this Valentine’s Day, try surprising your love this February 14th by gently waking them up with a Pink Lemonade flavored 5-hour ENERGY® shots—one for each of you. Now, you can spend some of Valentine’s Day in each other’s company, even if it’s just the very end of it.

Of course, if your partner is the one working a night shift, this gives you a chance to plan something even more involved.  Though the fancy restaurants may be closed by the time they get home (perhaps your beau even works at one of them,) you can create your own “date night” in your apartment by having a nice meal waiting for your hard-working partner. Cook or order their favorite meal, light some candles, get dressed up and lay their favorite outfit on the bed for them to change into.

Ditch the wine, and instead,  enjoy a Grape flavor 5-hour ENERGY® shot before you dig into your special meal. Soon enough, you’ll be eating and laughing away as if it were a reasonable hour.

Teach romance 101

College students, this one is for you.

We know you’re broke. We know you’re stressed. We know you’re sleep deprived. Many people leave university learning as much about relationships as they did about their area of study. After all, living in close quarters with similarly minded people fosters new kinds of friendships and romances.

If you and your study buddy have more than just a scholastic relationship, why not gift them this Valentine’s Day with Peach Tea flavored 5-hour™ TEA shots? Together, you can forge through an all-night cram session or utilize that energy burst to finish a group project.  A+!

Have the world to yourself

Ahh, tranquility.

Skip the expensive restaurant booking this year, and instead, ask your significant other if they don’t mind waking up in the wee hours of the morning. In the A.M, present them with a little road trip kit—  we suggest a thermos of hot chocolate, a few cozy blankets, a romantic driving playlist and a shot of Sour-Apple Extra Strength flavor 5-hour ENERGY®. Jump into the car and drive to your favorite spot to enjoy the sunrise together.

Drive off into the sunset

If the two of you love adventure, perhaps a spontaneous road trip is the Valentine’s Day gift for you. Even if you only have 24 hours, you can squeeze a splendid trip into any amount of time with the help of 5-hourENERGY® shots.

Have you always talked about visiting a nearby town or city together? Tell them to pack a small bag and to be ready at a certain time. Pick them up with a smile and a 5-hour™ TEA shot in Lemonade Tea flavor and enjoy the burst as you begin your surprise vacation.

Feel energized for the future

Are you planning to pop the question this Valentine’s Day? (Congratulations!)

Whatever grand proposal you’ve dreamed up, we want to make sure you feel up to the task. Before the big moment, give yourself a break to have a bottle of Berry flavor 5-hour ENERGY®. It will provide the burst you need to proceed confidently.

Once all is said and done, offer your new fiancé(e) a matching energy shot to take, so you can both ride out this happy feeling for even longer.

Give a sugar-free treat

Sure, velvet-lined boxes of chocolates are tempting, but sugar is not everybody’s friend. For many people trying to avoid sugar or high-calorie foods, Valentine’s Day can be a slippery slope. After all, we often associate special occasions with reasons to eat sweet treats, and around February 14th, every grocery store shelf is overflowing with chocolates, heart-shaped gummies and lollipops and bright red and pink marshmallows.

For a tasty, sweet treat sans the sugar, why not give your honey a Raspberry Tea flavored 5-hour™ TEA shot. Not only is it sugar-free, but it also derives its caffeine from green tea leaves and contains four calories and will give an extra burst when they need it the most.

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