Top 8 Productivity Tips to Reach Your Goals in 2019

Top 8 Productivity Tips to Reach Your Goals in 2019

Top 8 Productivity Tips to Reach Your Goals in 2019

We’ve collected our most helpful tricks of the trade for keeping your productivity level on track to reach your 2019 goals with energy and confidence.

1. Feed your brain!

Hungry for some brain food? For a productive day, be sure to feed your body right— it can help you feel alert and gives you additional energy to draw from.

Of course, not all food is created equal. Though you may have plenty of options for a quick breakfast, pre-workout snack, or midday pick-me-up, some will do more harm than good. Snacks or meals that are loaded with sugar might taste good and energize you for a minute, but the sugar crash that follows is less than worth it!

Skip the sugary snacks. Instead, go for nutritious options to keep you energized.

  • Remember to eat breakfast! It doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair—something small, like a banana and some yogurt will do the trick. You’ll probably find yourself functioning smoother than you would on an empty stomach.
  • Keep energizing pick-me-ups around your work drawer, laptop bag, or gym duffel. These options can come in super handy when your energy is tapering out, but your day is nowhere near over. A few packets of nuts or seeds can be exactly what you need when you’re crashing. We also recommend keeping 5-hour ENERGY® shots available.


2. Carve out some “you” time

Self-care is as important as your other responsibilities. Once a day, do something nice for yourself. That can mean something as simple as giving an old friend a call, spending a few extra minutes snuggling with your pet or drawing yourself a nice bath before bed. No matter how busy you are, you deserve a moment for your own happiness—otherwise, you risk burnout.

Stumped? Here are some of our favorite ways to sneak some self-care into a busy routine:

  • Keep a daily gratitude journal. Re-read your previous entries when you’re feeling blue or overstretched.
  • Designate your commute as a time for something enjoyable: if you drive, this can be a great time to call old friends (on a hands-free device,) listen to interesting podcasts, or jam out to your favorite music. If you take public transport, a phone conversation may not work, but you can download your favorite movie onto your phone for some rush-hour entertainment.


3. Believe in yourself

Self-confidence is the gateway to success. After all, when you believe that you will accomplish your goals, you are far more likely to have the drive to make those dreams come true.

Building your self-confidence is a big and important undertaking. Here are a few easy ways to start taking those steps:

  • Remove negative terms when setting your goals. For instance, say, “I want to nail this interview!” instead of “I hope I don’t mess this interview up.”
  • Make yourself a playlist of music that makes you feel empowered and happy. Listen to it while you get dressed and ready for your day.
  • If you’re opting for the safety of your couch, give yourself a tasty boost with a 5-hour ENERGY® shot, and face your next item on your to-do list with zest.


4. Let off some steam before you work

Before you begin a busy day, do something to both wake you up and make you feel great before you carry on with your responsibilities. No matter what lays ahead for the morning, allow yourself at least five minutes to refresh yourself before charging forward. This can be something simple. Doing some stretches and yoga poses or having your favorite song playing in the shower are both great ways to put yourself in the right mood for your day.

A few easy ways to boost your morning:

  • Make yourself overnight oats in the evening and enjoy them the next A.M.
  • Get up a little earlier than usual for a sunrise jog or walk. It’s a great way to wake you up and make you feel powerful.


5. Organization is key

Ah, organization. It’s key for performing duties with confidence and ease!

Though it may come more naturally to some than others, being organized is a skill that anyone can acquire with practice and consistency. Keeping a detailed calendar, making spreadsheets of your responsibilities, and following checklists are all great ways to start. You may find that, once it’s all laid out in front of you, obligations that were once overwhelming now feel more manageable.

A few quick suggestions:

  • When you’re busy, it can be tempting to let your room, house, car, or workspace fall victim to clutter and disarray. This will put a damper on your mood, and subsequently, productivity levels. Give yourself some time to organize your space so that you can find everything you need for a productive day.
  • Having a set routine is incredibly helpful for motivation. Whether it’s a daily meditation session, an hour at the gym every afternoon, or a brisk walk to the park halfway through each workday.


6. Let the power of sound keep you focused

Here’s a new idea: the next time you need to focus, allow for the power of sound to help you. You can find hundreds of sounds to help with focus, clarity, and concentration. Some people love to work to the sound of rain, crashing waves, breezy trees, or tropical birds chirping away. Others prefer the static of white noise. Of course, many prefer to study or work to the strains of classical music, which have long been said to improve mental strength.

A few tips:

  • Noise-canceling headphones can be magical if you thrive in a quiet environment. Wearing a set of these will block out any noise pollution that’s interfering with your work or studies.
  • There are many apps available that focus on sound healing and offer downloadables to use out of Wi-Fi zones.


7. Figure out if you’re a morning person or a night person

Work with what you’ve got! If you naturally perform better in the mornings, it makes sense to schedule taxing tasks for the early hours. If you’re more of a night owl, run errands and take care of things like laundry, meal prep, cleaning, during the day and move to studying later in the evening.

Does your job have you working irregular hours? This is even more of a reason to plan your errands and activities around your own specific needs. And don’t forget about 5-hour ENERGY® shots to help you carry on with your tasks.


8. Give yourself that extra burst

When all is said and done, an extra feeling of energy never goes amiss. Give yourself that final push towards a successful day with hours of energy. Grab a 5-hour ENERGY® shot in any of over a dozen flavors, and enjoy an energetic feeling almost instantly.

A few extra reasons to turn to 5-hour ENERGY® products for your daily power jolt:


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