5-hour ENERGY is announcing a new, long-awaited addition to our product family!

5-hour ENERGY is announcing a new, long-awaited addition to our product family!

Hey 5-hour ENERGY fans! We are incredibly excited to announce a new, long-awaited addition to the 5-hour ENERGY product family – one that literally no one has ever asked us for, but we made it anyway.


Drum roll please…

5-hour ENERGY Toothpaste!

THAT’S RIGHT. We did it. Please, hold your applause. We thought long and hard about how to make our customers’ lives easier, and decided your biggest problem is that it just takes too darn long to get your teeth cleaned AND get your energy boost for the day. Well consider those days a thing of the past! With 5-hour ENERGY Toothpaste, you get sparkly clean teeth and the boost you need to start your day, all at the same time!

We have two AWESOME flavors coming to toothpaste aisles and gas stations near you!

Regular Strength Orange

and Extra Strength Grape

5-hour ENERGY toothpaste will energize your mornings and have you saying “for the love of all that is holy, why is this a thing?”!

You can thank us later.

Go pick up a tube…or 27! This product is perfect for your college student who probably pulled an all-nighter last night. Plus, it makes a great gift! Forgot your anniversary was today? Did we just remind you?! HURRY UP and pick up some toothpaste for that special someone in your life before they get mad that you forgot AGAIN, this year.

What are you waiting for? Go energize your teeth!

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