Going Back to College? Time to Get Organized (Infographic)

Going Back to College? Time to Get Organized (Infographic)

Going back to college? Shopping for essentials, packing, and making travel plans require a lot of organization. Don’t worry; your friends at 5-hour ENERGY® are here to help make the transition smooth… and fun. 

Going Back to College? Time to Get Organized.

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  • Organize by activity: It can be tempting to just throw everything into boxes, but unpacking will be easier if you’re organized from the start. Keep similar items together, like toiletries, desk items, or winter clothing. 
  • Use this opportunity to declutter: As you pack your stuff, really consider the things you aren’t bringing. Will you ever want them? If not, donate or sell them.
  • Chat with your roommate(s): If you’re cohabitating with someone, it’s crucial to be on the same page. It helps to speak over the summer about how things like chores, groceries, and spaces will be shared when you move in. 
  • Take advantage of technology: Back-to-college shopping can be hectic. Skip the crowds and order textbooks, furniture, and other school-only items and have them shipped directly to your address on campus. 
  • Know your schedule: Nervous about making your classes on time? Write out your new schedule and map out how long it will take you to get to each classroom or building. 
  • Take a walk: When you actually arrive on campus, walk to find all of your classes in advance. Even if it’s your senior year, you may not be able to easily find every single one off the bat. 
  • Make your space yours: Whether you have your own bedroom in an apartment or your own bunk in a dorm, make that space feel cozy and personal. Pick out a new set of sheets for the semester, or buy some prints of your favorite summer snaps to hang on your wall.
  • Do your homework: Start off on the right foot! Make sure you’ve done all the assigned reading and writing you were given back in the spring. 
  • Get your sleep schedule on track: If you’ve spent the summer up until sunrise with your friends, it’s time to get back on schedule. Try pushing your bedtime forward a few hours in the week leading up to move-in day. When your alarm blares for that first early morning lecture, you’ll thank us.
  • Don’t forget your secret weapon: Even if you are sleeping like a baby, you still might need an extra boost to get you through the hard work and long days that come with being in college. Don’t forget to stock your desk and backpack with your favorite 5-hour ENERGY® shots for instant and sustained energy when you need it the most. 


Have a great semester! 

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