What Can You Do With More Energy?

What you can do with more energy?

Whether you’re working the late shift, getting ready for a workout or need that afternoon boost to get through your day, 5-hour ENERGY® will give you that energized feeling to help you push through. What can you do with more energy? Watch this episode to learn more.

Running Man Stories

The Running Man tells stories of action, adventure and what you can do with more energy.

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Boat building and staying motivated

Believe me, there is nothing worse than having grand ideas for action and adventure yet being too tired to get off the couch and get them done. I once had a cousin who was ranting about some storm that was coming and how he had to build a massive boat to save the planet. I guess in that case, it worked out well for him — people still talk about him all the time. But that took a lot of motivation. Have you ever tried to build a boat? Let alone a large one? It’s a lot of work! And he did it without the help of energy drinks or energy shots.  Sheer motivation. I’m still amazed by it. Seriously though, next time you try to build a boat and start to get tired, I recommend a 5-hour ENERGY® shot. Just saying… it takes a while to build an entire boat.

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The jungle, death’s door and Gerald

It was El Salvador 1962. I remember a rather exotic trip that was packed with excitement, danger and of course, wild adventure. One that nearly caused the death of my trusty companion, Gerald. We were traveling through the jungle in search of the little-known southern starpomenana fruit. It was claimed to have mystical powers.

After a couple hours of driving across some of the most difficult terrain I’d ever seen, our 4×4 SUV could go no farther. We were stranded with a broken axle. Gerald, a master mechanic worked diligently to repair the vehicle. Then, suddenly, we heard some noise looming from the jungle. We quickly stood guard, as we could never know what the jungle had prepared for us, and neither Gerald or I wanted to meet our death that day.  Just then, I remembered: Prior to our excursion, a local named Bill handed me a drink and told me to only use it when I absolutely needed it. He said I’d know when the time was right. Naturally, I took a swig of the drink as this felt like the proper moment. I called upon Gerald to check his ready. In fact, he was.


Time stood still

Seconds passed that felt like hours. We stood our ground. Just then, a great roar came from the jungle and a hoard of beasts charged at us. As Gerald and I sprang into action, Gerald lost his footing and slid down the edge of a cliff that happen to be there. I thought for sure the fall would lead to his death.

I jumped for safety on top the 4×4, ready to strike, when a moment of clarity washed over me. Our pack of wild beast had been nothing but a group of rabbits. As calm entered my body, it was overcome by the seriousness of the situation. Gerald was still down at the bottom of the cliff. I leaped into action to find him. Turns out he was perfectly fine. Not a scratch on him. In fact, he was resting comfortably on a bed of jungle brush.

So, there you have it. That’s what you can do with more energy.

‘Til next time — RM


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