What’s up with the 2:30 feeling®?

What’s up with the 2:30 feeling®?

You know how it goes…you’re at work, you have lunch and the next thing you know you feel like you’re going into a coma. It’s not unusual and very common to start feeling groggy around 2:30pm. Where does it come from? It doesn’t matter since you still need to be productive. That’s where having a 5-hour ENERGY® shot on hand can help you feel energized and get you through the rest of your work day.  You can find them just about anywhere or you can buy them online.

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Fan Question: What’s up with the 2:30 feeling® and has it always affected mankind?


In the Beginning

Since the beginning of time, the 2:30 feeling® has plagued mankind, and well, the earth. Fossil records indicate single cell amoeba become tired mid-afternoon after desperate attempts to duplicate themselves and become complex organisms. Newly found cave drawings depict early man mysteriously falling asleep after a long day of hunting prehistoric wildebeests, right around 2:30.

Romans, Philosophers and Swiss Watchmakers

As time progressed, ancient texts dated 225 B.C., report Roman soldiers would take mid-day breaks from battle, almost like clockwork.  Some claim, it’s the cause for the Roman Empire’s fall. As we fast forward in time to the early baroque period, Swiss watchmakers would set the accuracy of their watches with the towns-people lackadaisical behavior in the afternoon. It wasn’t until 1817, when the great French philosopher and poet, Jean-Rene Diderot, discovered throughout history, a unique feeling seemed to affect everyone right around the same local time, 2:30 pm.

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Flippy, Sea Monsters and the World’s Greatest Cubano Sandwich

I remember a rather dramatic experience where the 2:30 feeling® nearly cost me my life. It was 1978. I was off the coast of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Naturally, we were treasure hunting for the lost gold of the little-known Pirate, Pink beard. Our cook, who was only known as Flippy, made us lunch. Flippy was known throughout his home village as making the best Cubano Sandwiches within miles. Well, the reputation was true! The entire crew ate two sandwiches each. Suddenly a wash of sleepiness rolled over the entire crew. And while a light siesta wasn’t uncommon for this group of treasure hunters, we were startled suddenly by a great sea monster. One that could only be described as part whale, part man. If it had not been for the quick reaction of Flippy, who had yet to eat lunch, I’m sure none of us would have made it out alive.


So, there you have it. That’s where the 2:30 feeling® comes from.

Well, I hope that answers your questions, till next time. ~RM

What’s up with the 2:30 feeling® and has it always affected mankind?

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