How to Fight the Winter Blues (Infographic)

How to Fight the Winter Blues (Infographic)

Unless you decide to hightail it over to the tropics, it’s hard to avoid the wintertime. Here are a few strategies to cope with the all-too-common “winter blues.”

Be a social butterfly: It’s tempting to hibernate all winter, but don’t ignore your friends. Seeing them will feel good and get you out of the house. 

Fall in love with hygge: This Danish concept is all about embracing coziness during winter. Stock up on hot chocolate, cozy blankets, seasonally scented candles, and some bath salts.

Get lost in a book: A good book will keep your mind active— and there’s nothing cozier than reading next to a fire or a window while it snows. 

Plan a getaway: If you can, try a weekend away. Pick a new location. It doesn’t even need to be warmer—sometimes a change of pace can be helpful. 

Don’t avoid the outside: Yes, it’s warmer indoors, but your body is still craving some Vitamin-D and fresh air. If the sun’s out, take advantage of it and go outside, even if it’s just for five minutes. 

Find power in a to-do list: Use increased indoor time to catch up with work and life admin. (Hint: take a 5-hour ENERGY® shot to feel alert and energized.)

Move your body:  Hit the gym, join a fitness class, or try your hand at a winter sport to release endorphins and get your blood flowing.

Cook nourishing meals: Cooking at home is a wintertime joy. Plus, it’s important to eat healthy and nutritious meals during the colder months to keep energy levels high. 

Give yourself a gift:  A simple bouquet of flowers will brighten up your home and add a pop of color to contrast the grey and white outdoors.

Look towards the future: This isn’t an award-winning fantasy-drama series, it’s real-life: winter is going to end eventually. Start making summer plans and take advantage of warm-weather clothing sales in preparation!

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