10 Reasons Why You Should Never Leave the House Without a 5-Hour ENERGY® Shot

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Leave the House Without a 5-Hour ENERGY® Shot

Everybody has that one item (phone not withstanding) they never leave home without.  For some, it’s lip balm. For others, it’s hot sauce. For us, it’s a couple of 5-hour ENERGY® shots. Wanna know why?

1. Feeling run down is the worst.

Being overly tired feels horrible. It doesn’t matter what’s caused it; whether you’re sleep-deprived, emotionally drained, or in the midst of a particularly demanding or lengthy day, it can all lead to the same nasty symptoms.

When we’re feeling this way, our first choice is always a nap, but that’s usually frowned upon at work or in the classroom. In those cases, that of 5-hour ENERGY® shot isn’t just helpful, it’s a lifesaver.

2. No bag is too small, no airline too strict.

5-hour ENERGY® shots were designed to be convenient to the consumer, so they fit in anything. Literally anything. OK, not literally; you probably can’t stuff one into your wallet. But at 1.93 fluid ounces, these little bottles will fit into any bag or even most pockets. They’re also airline friendly, so you can stay awake through your in-flight movie the next time you travel.

3. There’s no need to refrigerate.

5-hour ENERGY® shots don’t require any refrigeration. So there’s no pressure to take a shot you bring out with you; it’s just there in case you need it. It’ll be waiting for you, like that one friend you’ve been too busy to call back. (But maybe you could at least shoot them a text, though?)

4. Two words: instant gratification.

Humans sure love instant gratification. There’s something so incredibly satisfying about wanting something, taking a small action, and seeing the intended result take place in front of your eyes. It’s part of what makes our modern culture tick — once you’ve posted that perfectly posed selfie, it feels great to watch the likes roll in.

Social media likes aside, instant gratification can come in very handy in a more tangible sense. Sometimes, you don’t have time to wait around for results. For example, when you’re tired, it’s not always practical to make or buy a coffee, let it cool down, and then drink it. It makes a lot more sense to just take that 5-hour ENERGY® shot that’s been waiting in your backpack for its moment to shine. It’ll work quickly. No waiting, no time wasted, no problem.

5. They taste awesome.

Energy shots might not be in your mouth for very long, but it’s still important that they taste good! 5-hour ENERGY® shots aren’t just effective; they’re absolutely delicious, and available in over a dozen flavors. With mouthwatering options ranging from sweet-and-nostalgic pink lemonade flavor to sophisticated, sultry pomegranate flavor, these energy shots are always a treat to take, no matter which one you choose. It’s easy to sample all the flavors, too — you can mix and match 12 packs and have them delivered right to your door.

6. That 2:30 feeling® isn’t gonna fix itself.

Afternoons can be the pits. Sometimes, after lunchtime, it can feel like there’s an eternity between you and your beloved bed. Some refer to that afternoon slump as the 2:30 feeling®, and it’s something we take pretty seriously. An on-hand supply of energy shots has been a game-changer for everybody we know; it banishes the 2:30 feeling® and allows for the rest of the day to be productive, full of energy, and even… enjoyable.

7. There’s always time to take one.

One of the most frustrating things about a busy life and schedule? There isn’t any time to wake up. As soon as the alarm blares, it’s go go go until the sun goes down and it all begins again. There isn’t a moment to collect thoughts, let alone the time to take a nap or procure a caffeinated beverage. On days like those, you might find yourself wishing for a magical button you could press to just wake the heck up.

We haven’t found that button yet, but energy shots make a fine alternative. No time or effort is required to take one — simply crack open the bottle, take the shot and get on with it. You don’t even need to be standing still to take one, though we’d recommend it.

8. There’s a flavor for everyone.

Craving a tropical vacation? Go for our Peach Mango-flavored Extra Strength energy shot. Looking for an energy product  to match your vibe? Grab a bottle of our 5-hour™ TEA shots.  Looking for something a little minty? Cool Mint Lemonade flavored Extra Strength is probably the right choice for you. No matter who you are, your “must have” flavor is out there, waiting for you to try it.

9. They provide a feeling of energy for hours.

Sometimes, big things can come in small packages. Though 5-hour ENERGY® shots are small, they’re awfully effective. Taking one of these shots may only take moments, but they last for hours. So if you take one after lunch, the alert, energized feeling that comes with a shot of 5-hour ENERGY® will stay with you for hours to come.

10. Vitamins > sugar

Though consuming sugar will perk a person up, it’s effects are short-lived. Once the “sugar high” dissipates, one is usually left to contend with a nasty sugar crash. Meanwhile, 5-hour ENERGY® shots don’t contain any sugar whatsoever. Instead, our shots are made of a special blend of B vitamins,  amino acids, and of course, caffeine.

Unlike with sodas or sugar energy drinks, there’s no sugar crash to think about — only hours of an energetic and alert feeling.

Ready to stock up on your “must have” item of the season? 5-hour ENERGY® shots are available at your local supermarket, convenience store, pharmacy, gas station, or order your favorites online. Find your flavor today. Soon enough, you won’t leave home without it.

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