5-hour™ TEA – Lemonade Tea Flavor

When life gives you lemons, grab a lemonade flavored 5-hour™ TEA shot. With zero sugar and four calories it fits your life. At under two ounces, it fits your bag, pocket or purse for energy on the go wherever you go. And it has caffeine from green tea leaves as well as vitamins and nutrients. It’s a great tasting way to rev up your day!

  • Caffeine from green tea leaves
  • Great tasting, sugar-free, and low-calorie
  • Vitamin and nutrients along with caffeine provide an energy boost
  • Convenient alternative to an energy drink and/or coffee.
  • Certified Kosher by Star-K
  • No refrigeration needed

Meet the 5-hour™ TEA Lemonade Tea Flavored Shot

You’ve always been a hard worker and an ambitious person. When life gives YOU lemons, you don’t just make a glass of lemonade, you set up an entire stand.

Your ambitious and entrepreneurial ways have done you proud for years, and you have lots to show for it. However, there’s one little problem: being this successful can also mean you are incredibly busy and that can lead to burnout. If you’re constantly on the go, you may be advancing in your career and goals, but chances are, you are tiring yourself out in the process.

Your “can-do” attitude has inspired us to create this delicious  member of the 5-hour™ family: the 5-hour™ TEA Lemonade Tea Flavored Shot. It contains the same great energizing properties of the 5-hour ENERGY®  products you know and love, but with caffeine derived from green tea leaves. . Back then, you had enforced naps and early bedtimes to keep you energized. These days, you have a 5-hour™ Lemonade TEA Flavored Shot.

What Makes lemonade tea flavored 5-hour™ TEA Shot Memorable?


When you take a lemonade tea flavored  5-hour™ TEA Shot, you won’t need to wait very long before you feel its effects. 5-hour™ TEA Shots are designed to be taken in seconds, felt in minutes and last for hours.

It brings you back to 100%

When a hard worker like yourself slows down due to being tired , it can be really disorienting. Get back to your energized self— and quickly— with the help of a 5-hour™ TEA Lemonade Tea flavored shot, you’ll be back to 100% before you know it.

It banishes the 2:30 FEELING®

Stop checking that clock!

When you’re slammed with responsibility, midday can be especially tough. We’re here to pull you out of that slump by reviving your energy levels.

There’s no sugar-crash

We don’t add  sugar in our  5-hour™ TEA shots. No Sugar means no sugar crash later.

It’s got 4 calories

For those on a low-calorie plan, you’re in luck— the 5-hour™ TEA Lemonade Tea Flavored Shot contains four calories.

It’s packed with B-Vitamins, nutrients and caffeine derived from green tea leaves

Curious about what the  5-hour™ TEA Shot Lemonade Tea flavored ingredients are? We’ve published everything that goes into our shots online, so our fans can read up on what they’re taking.

It’s portable and shelf-stable

We designed 5-hour™ TEA  shots to be your busy day secret weapon. A large part of that was ensuring that they were easy to transport. Our shots are packaged in small bottles that fit everywhere from an inflight “personal item” to a small handbag or pocket. They require no refrigeration until they’ve been opened, so they’re fine to sit in “storage” until you need them.

It works for hours

What’s the point of a short flare of energy? A  5-hour™ TEA Lemonade Tea Flavored Shot will keep you going.

Banish the 2:30 feeling® for good— try a 5-hour™ Lemonade Tea Flavored Shot today!

Ready to try your first 5-hour™ Lemonade Tea Flavored Shot? Our 5-hour™ TEA line is available wherever regular 5-hour ENERGY® products are sold: supermarkets, pharmacies, newsstands, gas stations as well as online.  Find your flavor today!

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Supplement Facts

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5-hour™ TEA shots contain caffeine from green tea.  Limit caffeine products to avoid nervousness, sleeplessness, and occasional rapid heartbeat.


5-hour™ TEA Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I purchase 5-hour™ TEA shots?
A: 5-hour™ TEA shots are available at retailers nationwide.
View retail stores where 5-hour™ TEA is available.

Q: Can I order online?
A: Yes, the product is available to buy at a variety of online retailers. Visit the shop page.

Q: What are 5-hour™ TEA shots?
A: 5-hour™ TEA shots are a dietary supplement. Each 1.93 ounce 5-hour™ TEA shot contains the ingredients of 5-hour ENERGY® shots but uses caffeine from green tea.

Q: How is a 5-hour™ TEA shot different than a 5-hour ENERGY® shot?
A: 5-hour™ TEA shots contain the ingredients of 5-hour ENERGY® shots but uses caffeine from green tea.

Q: What flavors are available?
A: 5-hour™ TEA is available in three delicious flavors –Peach Tea, Lemonade Tea and Raspberry Tea

Q: How many 5-hour™ TEA shots can I take per day?
A: We recommend taking no more than two bottles per day, spaced several hours apart. If you use 5-hour ENERGY® shots also, do not take more than two of the products combined in a day.

Q: Are 5-hour™ TEA shots kosher?
A: Yes, it is Star-K Kosher certified.

Q: Are 5-hour™ TEA shots gluten/animal products/wheat/yeast/peanut free?
A: Our manufacturing process does not include adding gluten/animal products/wheat/yeast/peanuts.

Q: Can I get free samples or coupons?
A: We do not provide free samples or coupons.

*Only tea flavor (not other ingredients) derived from non-organic green tea.

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