5-hour™ TEA – Peach Tea Flavor

Get your day off to a peachy start with peach tea flavored 5-hour™ TEA shot. It’s light, energizing and has a great peach tea taste. With zero sugar and four calories it fits your life. At under two ounces, it fits your bag, pocket or purse. And it has caffeine from green tea leaves, along with vitamins and nutrients for the alert, energized feeling you need.

  • Caffeine from green tea leaves
  • Great tasting, sugar-free, and low-calorie
  • Vitamin and nutrients along with caffeine provide an energy boost
  • Convenient alternative to an energy drink and/or coffee.
  • Certified Kosher by Star-K
  • No refrigeration needed

The 5-hour™ TEA Peach Tea Flavored Shot

We think the peach is pretty much a perfect specimen. When it’s still hard, it can be pickled or even grilled. When it’s ripe, it’s a revelation: soft and juicy, bursting with fragrance and an unmistakable flavor. And when it isn’t being eaten whole that distinct, florid flavor makes its way into all kinds of tasty products, from barbecue sauce to pie. It’s sweet yet earthy, refreshing yet never cloying. We like it so much, we actually flavored one of our shots after it.

Every Peach Tea flavored 5-hour™ TEA Shot is packed with the refreshing and sophisticated flavors of peach and tea. What’s more, it’ll keep you going when you’re feeling tired. What else could a person want?

What Makes  5-hour™ TEA Shot: Peach Tea flavor so Memorable?


Taking a 5-hour™ TEA Shot: Peach Tea flavor isn’t a complicated process. Simply crack open a bottle, take the shot and within minutes, you’ll feel your tiredness begin to lift. Before you know it, you’ll have energy to spare.

It brings you back to 100%

Don’t go through your day feeling like a ghost of yourself. A quick shot of 5-hour™ TEA Shot: Peach Tea flavor will get you back to YOU.

It banishes the 2:30 FEELING®

Maybe it was that catered office lunch that did you in. Or maybe it’s just this boring meeting. Whatever’s causing you to drag, we’re here to help— a 5-hour™ TEA Peach Tea flavored shot can pull you right out of that slump.

There’s no sugar-crash

We may be sweet, but sugar isn’t our thing. Instead of using sugar, the only sweetener on the  5-hour™ TEA Shot Peach Tea ingredients list is sucralose..

It’s got 4 calories

For calorie counters, this product is fine to include in your daily intake— each bottle contains four calories.

It’s packed with B-Vitamins, nutrients and tea derived caffeine

Wondering what’s on the 5-hour™ TEA Shot Peach Tea ingredients list? No need to be curious. We’ve published the entire thing for you.

It’s portable and shelf-stable

The 5-hour™ TEA Peach Tea flavored shot was designed to go where you go— without refrigeration. So, whether you’re hitting the beach, a class, or a long flight, a bottle of  5-hour™ TEA Shot: Peach Tea flavor can join you.

It works for hours

Our shots were designed to be taken in seconds, felt in minutes, and work for hours. You don’t need to think about waking up again. You can just get to it.

Banish the 2:30 feeling® for good— try a 5-hour™ Peach Tea Flavored Shot today!

Peachy keen? Try a 5-hour™ TEA Peach Tea Flavored Shot today. It’s available wherever our original 5-hour ENERGY products are sold. Find 5-hour™ TEA shots at grocery stores, newsstands, pharmacies, gas stations and also You can even mix and match 12 packs  and have them delivered to your door. What will YOUR flavor be?

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Supplement Facts

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5-hour™ TEA shots contain caffeine from green tea.  Limit caffeine products to avoid nervousness, sleeplessness, and occasional rapid heartbeat.


5-hour™ TEA Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I purchase 5-hour™ TEA shots?
A: 5-hour™ TEA shots are available at retailers nationwide.
View retail stores where 5-hour™ TEA is available.

Q: Can I order online?
A: Yes, the product is available to buy at a variety of online retailers. Visit the shop page.

Q: What are 5-hour™ TEA shots?
A: 5-hour™ TEA shots are a dietary supplement. Each 1.93 ounce 5-hour™ TEA shot contains the ingredients of 5-hour ENERGY® shots but uses caffeine from green tea.

Q: How is a 5-hour™ TEA shot different than a 5-hour ENERGY® shot?
A: 5-hour™ TEA shots contain the ingredients of 5-hour ENERGY® shots but uses caffeine from green tea.

Q: What flavors are available?
A: 5-hour™ TEA is available in three delicious flavors – Peach Tea, Lemonade Tea and Raspberry Tea.

Q: How many 5-hour™ TEA shots can I take per day?
A: We recommend taking no more than two bottles per day, spaced several hours apart. If you use 5-hour ENERGY® shots also, do not take more than two of the products combined in a day.

Q: Are 5-hour™ TEA shots kosher?
A: Yes, it is Star-K Kosher certified.

Q: Are 5-hour™ TEA shots gluten/animal products/wheat/yeast/peanut free?
A: Our manufacturing process does not include adding gluten/animal products/wheat/yeast/peanuts.

Q: Can I get free samples or coupons?
A: We do not provide free samples or coupons.

*Only tea flavor (not other ingredients) derived from non-organic green tea.

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