Are 5-hour ENERGY® shots kosher?

Hardworking and tired adults rely on 5-hour ENERGY® shots to get the boost they need to tackle their responsibilities and make the most of their time. When we designed our energy shots, we wanted to make sure that they could reach as many people as possible. That’s why it was important for us to ensure that all of our products adhere to a kosher diet.

What are the rules of a kosher diet?

The kosher diet, which is followed by many Jewish people around the world, is perhaps best known for its lack of pork, but there are more rules involved.

The basic rules of a kosher diet are:

  • It is not allowed to consume pork or any other animal products that come from cloven hoofs.
  • The consumption of shellfish is forbidden. However, fish with scales and fins are permitted—and a frequent ingredient in delicious kosher recipes.
  • Dairy products and meat items cannot be consumed within the same meal. Furthermore, dairy products must come from a kosher animal. After eating meat products, it is required to wait for a period of time before consuming dairy, but the opposite is not necessary.
  • Some animal products can be eaten with both dairy and meat— those items are called pareve. Eggs and fish are both pareve.
  • Meat items are butchered and prepared in a specific way that involves removing the blood, veins, and skin. This process is always performed by a Kosher Supervisor.

 Can 5-hour ENERGY® shots be taken with both dairy and meat?

Yes. Since 5-hour ENERGY® shots don’t contain meat or dairy products, they are safe to consume alongside any of your favorite kosher products and meals.

 Where can I get 5-hour ENERGY® shots?

Our energy shots are available all over the United States. Find our tasty energy shots in a selection of over a dozen amazing flavors. From grape to pink lemonade flavors and now 5-hour™ TEA! 5-hour ENERGY® shots are available at supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, and convenience stores, as well as online.

Grab a bottle of 5-hour ENERGY® shots today to tackle your responsibilities with a kosher lift.

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