How do I know if 5-hour ENERGY® shots are right for me?

Since its inception, millions of people across America have tried 5-hour ENERGY® shots, many of which now include them in their normal daily or weekly routine. If you’re part of the group who has yet to have one, see if any of the following statements apply, and if so, they might be worth a try.

  • I want an alternative to coffee in the morning
  • I get tired after lunch and need a boost
  • My long days keep getting longer
  • I’m so busy, I want to keep something in my bag or desk for when I need a boost the most
  • I want something that is sugar-free, but tastes delicious
  • I want vitamin B and amino acids

If any of these statements apply to you, pick up a 5-hour ENERGY® shot today!

Who are some ideal candidates for 5-hour ENERGY® shot use?

  • Hardworking adults who need an extra energy boost:

In the battle of completing your day, pure passion and drive aren’t always enough to motivate, even for the hardest workers out there. 5-hour ENERGY® shots are a fast-acting solution to help you feel alert and energized.

  • Tired college students:

Whether you were up all night cramming for an exam, or flirting with your lab partner, you’re paying for it in class today. A shot of 5-hour ENERGY® ought to help sort you out.

  • Night shift workers:

Fighting against the inevitable exhaustion that hits when the sky darkens? If your job doesn’t allow you to follow a typical schedule, then energy shots might be an efficient and portable way to give yourself a lift without even slowing down.

  • Busy parents:

After all, driving from activity to activity, preparing meals to satisfy everyone, and having to recall your childhood math lessons to help your kids with their homework is enough to wear anybody pretty thin.

  • The very jet lagged:

Your overseas vacations are almost always an adventure, but you’re paying for it when you’re finding yourself dreaming of pajamas while everyone else is eating lunch. So no matter what time zone you’re in, try a 5-hour ENERGY® shot for the boost you need to stay awake while adjusting to the new time zone. And the best part, 5-hour ENERGY® and 5-hour™ TEA shots are less than 2 oz., so they’re no hassle getting through security.

 I’m feeling curious about trying 5-hour ENERGY® shots. I am still a bit unsure if it’s for me. What do you recommend?

Why not take half a bottle of 5-hour ENERGY®? It will give you a moderate boost of energy. Plus, the open bottle will keep for three days in the fridge after being opened.

We recommend no more than two shots of 5-hour ENERGY® per day, as long as they are spaced out between a few hours.

So, will 5-hour ENERGY® shots be your new favorite way to get an energy boost? You can buy our energy shots at your favorite pharmacy, convenience store, supermarket, or gas station. They’re also available online, where you can mix and match your favorite flavors.

Try 5-hour ENERGY® shots today to tackle your responsibilities with the energy you need!

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