How many bottles of 5-hour ENERGY® can I take per day?

5-hour ENERGY® shots are made for hard working people who are on the go. And for some of those people, the get up and go, got up and left. While it’s common for people to take a 5-hour ENERGY® shot as part of their morning routine, others need to get past that mid-day slump or those late-night work hours. We recommend taking no more than two bottles per day, spaced several hours apart.

I’ve never tried 5-hour ENERGY® shots before. How much should I try?

If you’re feeling unsure about how you will feel, we recommend that our first-time customers start out by only taking half a shot. Give it about ten minutes and take the rest of the bottle for maximum effect.

If you decide that a half bottle is the right amount for you, don’t worry about wasting the rest, 5-hour ENERGY® shots can be kept for up to three days after being opened, just be sure to refrigerate after you open it.

 Can I take two 5-hour ENERGY® shots in one day?

We recommend taking no more than two shots a day, spaced several hours apart. So, if a long day keeps getting longer, you can head to your favorite supermarket, pharmacy, gas station, or convenience store to grab a bottle of 5-hour ENERGY® to give yourself another helpful lift. Better yet, plan ahead and bring a bottle along with you when you head towards work, class, or whatever responsibilities you need to take care of today.

And don’t forget, 5-hour ENERGY® shots don’t contain any sugar! Be sure to try a 5-hour™ TEA shot. It has all the great taste and ingredients as your favorite 5-hour ENERGY® shots, and it’s made with caffeine derived from green tea leaves. 5-hour™ TEA shots are available in Peach, Raspberry, and Lemonade tea flavors.

Ready to try one? head to your nearest retailer  today to find your favorite flavor and unlock what you need to tackle your day.

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