Do 5-hour ENERGY® shots have any potential side effects?

Vitamin B3, otherwise known as niacin, is part of the energy blend in 5-hour ENERGY® shots. Niacin is an essential vitamin, and humans are recommended to consume around 15 mg of it daily. 5-hour ENERGY® shots contain twice that amount, with 30 mg of Niacin.

Some people have a sensitivity to large amounts of niacin and having too much in their system can cause a temporary reaction commonly referred to as a “niacin flush.”

What is niacin flush?

After consuming a product with a fair amount of niacin, those with a sensitivity to niacin sometimes report an increased flow of blood towards the skin, otherwise known as “flushing.” Generally, these reactions tend to only last for a few minutes, but they can be quite startling if you aren’t aware of what they are. Generally, a hot and itchy sensation will begin in the face and will often then spread to the arms and chest. These symptoms are often compared to the prickly feeling of “pins and needles” and can sometimes continue for up to an hour.

If you are concerned about niacin flush, we recommend starting with half a bottle of 5-hour ENERGY®. You can always put the rest of your energy shot in the fridge for later—just make sure you consume it within three days.

It also helps to have something in your stomach before you take a 5-hour ENERGY® shot or any products that contain niacin. It will help the vitamins absorb into your body at a slower pace, thus reducing the risk of an adverse reaction.

Are there dangerous levels of niacin and other vitamins in 5-hour ENERGY® shots?

No, of course not! We created 5-hour ENERGY® shots to help people feel awake and make the most out of their time, and the ingredient amounts are within safe limits. The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) is the minimum daily amount set by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine.


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