This is the place for you to learn more about 5-hour ENERGY® and to find others who love the alert and energized feeling that comes from 5-hour ENERGY® shots.  Whether you’re here because you love smooth energy, or you’re just looking for more information on energy shots, you’ve come to the right spot. Throughout the Fan Zone, you’ll be able to see how and why people love 5-Hour, and you’ll also be able to enter contests and win great prizes.  We have news and stories to keep your alert and focused attention, as well as contests and prizes to keep you stocked with 5-hour ENERGY® .

Check out all that we’re doing here at the 5-Hour Fan Zone, and spread the word; the more fans here, the more for you to explore!  Whether you love 5-Hour because it gets you through the afternoon lull at the office, or if it keeps your head in the game through the fourth quarter, there are many other fans out there.  This is the place for you to connect with those fans and find out more about 5-hour ENERGY® .  Your brain is awake, do something fun with that energy.

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