Attention 5-hour ENERGY® Fans:

Counterfeit 5-hour ENERGY® Update: The counterfeit 5-hour ENERGY that was mentioned on the news was removed from shelves and destroyed years ago. The product that is in stores is authentic.

Check Cashing Scam: There is currently an active check-cashing scam with individuals claiming to be a “promotion manager” for 5-hour ENERGY® products.  These individuals have taken out an ad on Craigslist where they offer to pay people to display 5-hour ENERGY® advertisements on their vehicles. 5-hour ENERGY® has no such program in place, and the company is not associated with it in any way.  If you have been contacted by these individuals, please contact your local authorities.    

Farmington Hills, MI - March 14, 2014 – Living Essentials, the distributor of 5-hour ENERGY® shots, today announced the sponsorship of Mexican soccer star Oribe Peralta, striker for the Mexican National Team and MX Santos...

Popularity of Pink Lemonade flavor generates $387,531.20 philanthropic donation to the Avon Foundation for Women Breast Cancer Crusade Farmington Hills, MI - January 2, 2013 Due to the popularity of Pink Lemonade flavor 5-hour ENERGY® and the...

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