Special Edition Berry Energy Shots at CVS

Special Edition Berry Flavor 5-hour  ENERGY® shot

When you want something different yet familiar, reach for a Special Edition Berry Flavor 5-hour ENERGY® shot. It has the same delicious berry taste as the original flavor 5-hour ENERGY® shot, but adds an unmistakable sensation to your taste buds. How? Because Special Edition Berry Flavor 5-hour ENERGY® shots are sold cold.

That means the same blend of B vitamins, nutrients and caffeine that have made regular strength 5-hour ENERGY® shots so popular are also found in this very special, very berry edition. And like all 5-hour ENERGY® shots, they contain zero sugar and four calories. When you take a chilled Special Edition Berry Flavor 5-hour ENERGY® shot, you can expect to feel alert and energized within minutes. And that great feeling lasts for hours.

Special Edition Berry flavor 5-hour ENERGY® shots. They’re literally too cool to be sold just anywhere. Find them in the cooler at CVS stores.


  • Fixes tired fast®
  • Gets you back to 100 percent
  • Sugar free
  • Four calories
  • Vitamins, nutrients and about as much caffeine as 12 ounces of the leading premium coffee
  • Take it in seconds, feel it in minutes, lasts for hours
  • Portable, and requires no refrigeration

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