Orange Extra Strength is FINALLY HERE! Try it today!

Made for hard working people

Finding the energy for work and family responsibilities is hard enough. Throw in a second job, go back to school, or simply have a sleepless night, and you’re bound to hit the wall. So what do you do? Run for the coffee? Grab a soda? But how long does that last before you need more? Try this instead – take one 5-hour ENERGY® shot. It’s quick, simple, and made to help hard working people.

5-hour ENERGY® shots are conveniently packaged in small bottles, so you can keep them anywhere, from your office desk drawer to an evening bag. They’re even small enough to bring on airplanes, which is certainly a relief—we can’t imagine battling jet lag without them!

An energy shot is an easy and effective way to feel alert at a moment’s notice. By taking some (in of a variety of tasty flavors,) you’ll be giving yourself the gift of feeling alert, and energized for hours.

What’s in 5-hour ENERGY®?

The key ingredients in 5-hour ENERGY® are also available in every day foods. It contains zero sugar, four calories and about as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee.

5-hour ENERGY® shots may be for the extremely busy, but it’s always a good idea to read labels and check up on any products you’ll be consuming.

First, why don’t we tell you what 5-hour ENERGY® shots don’t have? Our energy shots don’t contain any sugar, or aspartame. Instead, the energy blend includes amino acids and other nutrients.

We’ve listed and described all of our ingredients—but if you ever have any questions, you’re always invited to get in touch with our team.

Why try 5-hour ENERGY®?

  • Quick, simple and effective — perfect for a quick pick-me-up!
  • Fast and easy to consume
  • Zero sugar
  • Zero herbal stimulants
  • 4 calories!
  • B-vitamins and amino acids

  • About as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee (Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY® shots contain about as much caffeine as 12 oz of the leading premium coffee)
  • Available in a regular strength, extra strength and 5-hour™ TEA
  • Non carbonated

Are multiple flavors available for 5-hour ENERGY® shots?

Yes indeed! With over a dozen flavors, 5-hour ENERGY® has a taste for every palate and mood. Though our OG flavor, the ever-popular Berry flavored 5-hour ENERGY® shot, continues to be a fan favorite, we now offer quite a bit more! Today, you can find flavors ranging from Peach Mango to Lemonade Tea. Find your flavor today!

Orange Extra Strength is FINALLY HERE! Try it today!

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