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Image of BBQ chicken and BBQ sauce with 5-hour ENERGY Peach Mango Shots

8 Ways To Channel Big Grill Energy At Every BBQ This Summer

Bring the 5-hour ENERGY® to every party with these expert-approved tips.


It’s summertime and the grilling’s easy…OK, maybe those aren’t quite the right lyrics, but around here, we’ve got grilling top of mind. And for good reason: There are 8 million #BBQ posts on Instagram — and over 630,000 members of r/BBQ.


To up the ante at a marathon grilling season, say hello to the first-of-its-kind, 5-hour ENERGY® Inspired Energizing BBQ Sauce. With a sweet and tangy Peach Mango flavor and the caffeinated kick you’d expect from a 5-hour ENERGY® shot, it’ll give you all the feelings of energy you need to get through all those post-grill meat sweats. No judgment. Just crack open the sauce and turn up your Big Grill Energy with these grilling and hosting tips.



Channel you Big Grill energy


1. Keep it CLEAN. Spread sauce, not germs. Be sure to always clean your grill surface after every use to help prevent build-up from your previous cookouts. A grill brush and gloves should do the trick.

2. Oiled grates are…great. Rubbing oil onto the grill grates is the key to helping food not stick. Consider ones with high smoke points that can withstand high temperatures, like olive, vegetable, and canola oils. For an extra boost of flavor, sesame oil can add a bit of a nutty flavor, while avocado oil is known to add a buttery taste. Bonus: They’ll pair perfectly with 5-hour ENERGY® Inspired Energizing BBQ Sauce.

3. Get saucy…but not YET. Adding 5-hour ENERGY® Inspired Energizing BBQ Sauce is guaranteed to give meat (or veggies or potatoes!) tons of flavor. But make sure to add sauce later in the game, towards the end of cooking, to keep food from burning.

4. Mind the heat. Whether you’re a master of the grill or a newbie, low heat is 250-300 degrees Fahrenheit, medium heat is 300-350 degrees Fahrenheit, medium-high heat is 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit, and high heat is 400-450 degrees Fahrenheit. While low and slow might be right for some recipes, use a higher heat to get a greater sear on meats.

5. Keep the heat on the grill, not your guests. Make sure to keep guests hydrated and shaded during hot summer days. Consider setting up extra umbrellas and drink stations — and don’t be scared to turn up the sprinklers!

6. Tell bugs to buzz off. Make sure to keep food covered and away from bugs. Trust us — aluminum foil is your friend. And, lots of bug spray (as far from the food as possible, of course).

7. Don’t shatter the vibes. Glass has its uses, but not for outdoor parties. Stick with reusable plastics and eco-friendly utensils. Even better? Head to the party store and make it a themed soirée.

8. Keep the Big Grill Energy strong. Create curated vibes with décor, music, and fun lawn games so your guests can feel the saucy energy long after the food has been served.

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