Exclusive Gamer Shots and Merch

Take your game — and style — to new levels with 5-hour ENERGY® gamer shots and merchandise. Stay on the battlefield longer — and look good as you conquer your opponents. Shop the collection of fatigue-fighting shots and stylish gear.

sugar free shots
zero carbohydrates

Blast off

Are you ready, player? This is your chance to level up your game like never before. 5-hour ENERGY gamer shots are an on-point blend of delicious fruit flavors that will take your taste buds to far-off worlds. They’re your ultimate game booster.


Take aim

Every 5-hour ENERGY gamer shot has a cosmic combination of vitamins, nutrients and 230mg of caffeine. That’s about as much as a 12-ounce cup of premium coffee. Plus it has taurine, an amino acid that can help keep your body ready for battle.


Raid longer

So supercharge your game. Prepare to leave the competition in space dust. 5-hour ENERGY gamer shots deliver a critical hit on fatigue. Try them today.