Draft a winner

5-hour ENERGY® is the smart pick. It’s been fixing tired fast for 20 years. It takes seconds to drink. In minutes you’ll feel it working. And the feeling of alertness and energy lasts for hours.

zero carbohydrates
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5-hour ENERGY was made for
nights like this

Great news… the draft is almost here. Bad news… it’s on a Thursday night, runs late,
and you still have to get up for work the next day. But don’t worry, 5-hour ENERGY® has you covered both ways. 


When you want to be up late

Rely on 5-hour ENERGY® to keep you feeling alert and energetic all draft night long. You won’t miss a single pick or trade 


When you have to be up early

Fix tired fast by slamming a 5-hour ENERGY® the next morning. You’ll dazzle your boss with your post-draft energy and focus.*

*5-hour ENERGY® is not a substitute for adequate sleep nor should it be used as one.