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Blue Raspberry Flavor Extra Strength  
5-hour ENERGY Shots

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B Vitamins & Amino Acids
Fixes Tired Fast
Lasts for Hours
Sugar Free

A unique taste

What is a blue raspberry, anyway? Despite its popularity as a flavor in soda, ice pops and slushies, you won’t find them at the local orchard. That’s because blue raspberry is not a fruit. Instead, it’s a sweet and tangy flavor with a taste that nature couldn’t make — but should have. Today that distinctive taste is available in all sorts of products, including Blue Raspberry Flavor Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY® shots.

With unique benefits

They contain caffeine equal 12 ounces of the leading premium coffee, B vitamins and nutrients. Together, they give you the boost you need to get through a long day or an even longer night. Moments after you take it, you’ll start to feel alert and energized. And that feeling will last for hours. Try a Blue Raspberry Flavor Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY today. It’s a sweet way to get you back to 100% — and your tongue won’t turn blue. Save when you buy in bulk. .