Discontinued Products

Notice:  There is an active check-cashing scam with individuals claiming to be a "promotion manager" with 5-Hour ENERGY®. These individuals offer to pay people to display 5-hour ENERGY® ads on their vehicles. We have no such program in place and the company is not associated with it in any way. Please contact your local authorities if you have been contacted by these individuals.
Beware of imitations and other non-5-hour ENERGY® products in 5-hour ENERGY® displays!
We encourage consumers to read labels and packaging carefully. Consumers may encounter knockoff energy shots imitating 5-hour ENERGY®, or non-5-hour ENERGY® products that have been improperly placed at points of sale in 5-hour ENERGY® displays. Remember: if you are looking for an authentic 5-hour ENERGY® product you will only find it in a 5-hour ENERGY® - branded bottle, can, or package.
5-hour ENERGY® products do not contain Ephedra or Kratom.
Consumers may have seen news reports regarding ingredients used in some dietary supplements, including Ephedra and Kratom. 5-hour ENERGY® products do not contain Ephedra or Kratom, and we do not recommend combining 5-hour ENERGY® products with other products containing such ingredients.