The 5-hour ENERGY® Difference

Take a 5-hour ENERGY® Shot

If only we could take a page out of Spain’s book and recharge after lunch with a siesta! Until afternoon naps become an accepted part of the American work day, you may need a little help staying sharp and alert after mealtime, or during a particularly long day on the job. With a 5-hour ENERGY® shot, you can leave grogginess behind and energetically sail through your day.

Take it in seconds

When you need an extra boost, you don’t want to wait. (If you do, you might fall asleep!) When you’re crashing, there’s one thing for sure: you want to feel more energetic immediately. A 5-hour ENERGY® shot takes just seconds to take, so it gets in your system fast — minus the long process that goes with ordering or brewing a cup of java.

Feel it in minutes

Whether you have an early morning, a late night, or just a long and hectic day, 5-hour ENERGY® shot is your best bet for feeling awake and energized. In minutes, you can feel a 5-hour ENERGY® shot working, helping you recapture the bright, alert feeling you need to power through your day*.

Lasts for hours

A 5-hour ENERGY® shot can help you feel awake and alert for hours*. Since 5-hour ENERGY® shots are sugar free, there is no sugar crash.

With a 5-hour ENERGY® shot, you are free to get on with your daily activities and still feel alert and energized. Whether it’s time to forge ahead with your shift, head to your second job, or you have a long drive ahead, a 5-hour ENERGY® shot is your secret weapon for performing your responsibilities with ease.

Delicious Flavors

With over a dozen mouth-watering flavors to choose from, there is a 5-hour ENERGY® shot for every mood!

Regular Strength 5-hour ENERGY® shot flavors: Pink LemonadePomegranateGrapeBerryOrange, and Citrus Lime

Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY® shot flavors: BerryBlue Raspberry,  Cool Mint LemonadeGrape, OrangePeach MangoSour Apple and Strawberry-Watermelon.

5-hour ™ TEA shot flavors: Peach Tea, Lemonade Tea and Raspberry Tea.

Available Everywhere!

As America’s leading energy shot company, our product is available all over the country! Fans of 5-hour ENERGY® shots can find bottles of our signature flavors at many grocers, convenience stores, gas stations, pharmacies, and health shops

Features of a 5-hour ENERGY® Shot

  • Quick, simple and effective
  • Fast and easy to take (perfect for on the go)
  • Zero sugar
  • Zero herbal stimulants
  • 4 calories
  • B-vitamins and amino acids
  • About as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee (Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY® shots contain about as much caffeine as 12 oz of the leading premium coffee)
  • Non carbonated