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Strawberry Watermelon Flavor Extra Strength  
5-hour ENERGY Shots

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B Vitamins & Amino Acids
Fixes Tired Fast
Lasts for Hours
Sugar Free

A delicious pair

Peanut butter and jelly. Peas and carrots. Some flavors were just made to go together. Add strawberry and watermelon to that list of delicious pairings. These two flavors may seem quite different, but they have at least one similarity: they both evoke a sense of summertime. Bring your taste buds to a campout or barbecue with Strawberry Watermelon Flavor Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY® shots.

And a potent portable

Far lighter than a watermelon, more durable than a basket of strawberries, these energy shots don’t require refrigeration — or spitting out seeds. They can go where you go, so they’re available when you need a long-lasting boost. Purchase in bulk so you won’t run out. Taste a Strawberry Watermelon Extra Strength 5-Hour ENERGY today. Summer is calling.