Blue Raspberry Extra Strength
5-hour ENERGY® Shot

What is blue raspberry? It’s not so much a thing found in nature as much as a frame of mind. It’s sweet and fruity, but with a coolness that’s hard to describe, but easy to love. Try a Blue Raspberry Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY® shot and you’ll understand what we mean. You’ll get the alert, energized feeling you need with an Extra Strength Blue Raspberry 5-hour ENERGY® shot to get through your toughest day with zero sugar and four calories.

  • Fixes tired fast.
  • Gets you back to 100 percent.
  • Sugar free.
  • Four calories.
  • Vitamins, nutrients and about as much caffeine as 12 ounces of the leading premium coffee.
  • Drink it in seconds, feel it in minutes, lasts for hours.
  • Portable, and requires no refrigeration

Blue Raspberry 5-hour ENERGY® Extra Strength Shots

For decades, people have asked this pressing question: what is a blue raspberry, anyway? Despite the berry in its name, it’s not an actual fruit that grows on a vine. Instead, it’s a sweet and tangy flavor commonly used in, sodas and frozen delights like ice pops and slushies. Generally, these tasty treats are available in a tongue-dyeing shade of oceanic blue, featuring a delicious taste.

We decided to create our Blue Raspberry flavored Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY® shots because we love that nostalgic flavor— but not sugar. We don’t eat a lot of candy or drink much soda these days. So, we harnessed the famous blue raspberry flavor that we’ve known and loved our whole lives, and we infused Extra Strength energy shots with that special taste. Instead of the sugar crash, you associate with a blue raspberry slush, you’ll have the opposite effect. You’ll get feelings of alertness and energy.

What Makes Blue Raspberry Flavored 5-hour ENERGY® Extra Strength Shots so Memorable?


Sometimes, tired comes out of nowhere. One minute, you’re working away, eating your lunch, talking to your coworkers. Suddenly, you’re bleary, longing to crawl under your desk and go to sleep. It came on fast, sure. You can fix it just as quickly. With a 5-hour ENERGY® Extra Strength Blue Raspberry-flavored shot, you’ll be back to 100% in no time.

It brings you back to 100%

When you’re super tired, you may no longer feel or act like yourself. A Blue Raspberry flavored 5-hour ENERGY® Extra Strength shot will bring you back to feeling like the energetic version of yourself that you know exists.

It banishes the “2:30 FEELING®”

Afternoons can be pretty demanding, especially after a big meal. 5-hour ENERGY® Extra Strength Blue Raspberry flavored shots are your antidote. One bottle will be plenty to carry you through the rest of your day.

There’s no sugar-crash

Candy this is not. It doesn’t even have sugar in it. Or aspartame. Instead, they get their sweetness from Sucralose

It’s got 4 calories

each bottle contains four.

It’s packed with B-Vitamins, nutrients and caffeine

We spent a long time deciding what the 5-hour ENERGY® Extra Strength Blue Raspberry ingredients would be. Eventually, we landed on caffeine, B-Vitamins, and a special energy blend.

It’s portable and shelf-stable

Tiredness can strike anywhere, not just places with a fridge. That’s why we made our energy shots shelf-stable. For unopened bottles, there’s no refrigeration required. It’s also why we made them so small: they can fit anywhere from your handbag to your desk drawer to carry-on luggage.

It works for hours

When you need to snap out of it, you need to stay out of it. Taking just one 5-hour ENERGY® Extra Strength Blue Raspberry-flavored shot will give you long-lasting effects for quite some time.

Banish the 2:30 feeling® for good— try a 5-hour ENERGY® Extra Strength Blue Raspberry-flavored shot today!

Ready to splash into the unique and zesty flavor of a 5-hour ENERGY® Extra Strength Blue Raspberry shot? Come and find us at you local grocery store, pharmacy, gas station, or newsstand. We’re also available for purchase online, where you can mix and match all of your top picks into a variety pack! What will YOUR flavor be?

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